Restaurant - Lounge - Cook Forest, PA
2738 Forest Road Cooksburg, PA 16217 814-927-8400
Kitchen Hours: Fri and Sat, 11am - 9pm, Sunday 12-7 pm.
Closed Mon-Thurs. Until May 15th...then open on Daily at 11 am

One of the most popular destinations in Cook Forest - Just minutes from the Clarion River and state park attractions!

Trail's End Restaurant Menu Fantastic menu, featuring everything from wings and salads and other appetizers to full dinner specials
Outdoor seating with BBQ and drink specials!
Full range of domestic and import beers, wines, and all legal spirits
Karaoke nights and fun, theme-based parties
About Trail's End...

Check out this great write-up from exploreClarion:

Trail's End Restaurant:
A Business Built on Friendship

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